*Warning* The topics discussed in this episode may be sensitive for some listeners as it pertains to sexual abuse and misconduct in equestrian sport. Here at the Equestrian Podcast we believe every equestrian should have the opportunity to share their story and discuss topics that aren’t brought to light as often as they should in the equestrian industry. We believe that while some topics may be harder to talk about, it is important that we bring education and awareness to the fact that sexual abuse is not something to be taken lightly.

Carrie Kehring recently started the #WeRideTogether Champaign which highlights the much needed awareness and education champaign about sexual abuse and misconduct in equestrian sport based on her family’s own experience. We Ride Together partners with the Horse Network and has been sweeping the nation, raising awareness, and coming out with a series of PSAs of in-depth stories of different individuals within the equestrian industry who have experienced sexual abuse. Listen in.

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