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Jay Buxton the founder of Strides Equestrian and has built a reputation for sourcing, training, and leasing top-class showjumping horses, making high-level competition more accessible. Jay’s wife, Paige, has joined, transitioning from a successful career at Deloitte to co-managing Strides Equestrian, bringing her business acumen and love for horses together. Her journey from a childhood hobbyist to a key player in the equestrian industry showcases her dedication to the sport and her innovative approach to managing their thriving equestrian center. Today, we’ll explore how the two have come together to run a  premier equestrian center in Croft known for its innovative approach to showjumping. Join us to hear insights on the future of showjumping, efforts to make the sport more inclusive, and the legacy Strides Equestrian hopes to leave in the equestrian world.

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