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They say a good coach can really make you feel comfortable as an underdog or as a young competitor. I always felt that wherever I was competing I was ready to be there because I had this kind of mentor and guidance that I knew was a lot more strategic than just me wanting to be there.

— Lucy Davis

Lucy Davis became an Olympic Showjumper and Co-Founder of Pony App all before the age of 25. In this week’s episode, you’ll hear about her equestrian inspiration, laser-focus and entrepreneurship skills! This is a good one you won’t want to miss!

episode highlights

“You kind of split your energy [when trying to balance it all]. Maybe one winter I’m focused a little bit more on my schoolwork, kind of 70% school, 20% riding, 10% Lucy.”

“It really seems like the idea of having a community around horses and riders is what we’ve found is the most exciting and are sort of moving towards that community on Pony App.”



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