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Allie Heninger is an equestrian and writer who currently lives in Utah with her husband, horses, and their four cats! Not only is Allie passionate about equine health and rehabilitation, but she’s also interested in human health and disability, being a rider with an autoimmune disorder. Allie has adjusted her goals, advocating for other autoimmune equestrians in this space. Her story is intended to motivate, educate and inspire. You can follow Allie’s journey by reading her blog at

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This innovative design solves two major hairnet problems: The hairnet flop and when you can’t find your hair tie! Ellsworth is so proud of this patent-pending equestrian hairnet! We made it in 6 beautiful colors and each pack comes with 2 hairnets so you always feel prepared and ready to ride.

No one wants to be that girl who constantly borrows hair ties from barn mates. The Ponytail Hairnet’s design has an elastic-line hole at the. back of the head acting as a sturdy but very adjustable hair tie. So whether you have long, short, thick, or thin hair, you can wrap it around your hair as many times as you wish.