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Agustin Arellano is currently on TEAM USA for polo and will be competing in the Federación Internacional de Polo (FIP), known as the polo Olympics. He has been officially announced as one of 8 top players on the USA Team who will compete in the XII FIP World Polo Championship. Agustin is a 3rd generation polo player, as his father is Julio Arellano, who is notably was one of the highest-rated polo players in America. His mother, Meghan Arellano, worked alongside his father to train the horses throughout his whole career. At the age of nine, Agustin realized he wanted to pursue a career in polo after his father won the triple crown, the three-26-goal tournaments in Wellington that hadn’t been won in decades. Agustin has already won more than 20 cups as a professional polo player, including the Texas and Kentucky Open. In addition to polo, Agustin shares a passion for wildlife conservation and models for an agency in his spare time. Listen in!

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