Welcome back to another solo episode where we will discuss the different types and uses of one of the oldest tools worn by equestrians, spurs! How do you know which spurs are right for you? Do different horses need different spurs? What are the dos and don’ts? These are all great questions that we will be answering right here in the episode! I will also be mentioning some of my favorite products to help with spur rubs, as well as some of the rules and regulations enforced by U.S. Equestrian. Let’s dive in!

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Helpful Products:

  • The Bellyband Spur Guard – equifit.net
  • No Rub Topical Ointment- smartpakequine.com
  • M-T-G Hair Growth- chewy.com
  • Silver Antibiotic Cream- expressvet.pharmacy
  • Resources:

  • Andrew Kocher Suspension – horsenetwork.com
  • Types of English Spurs – besthorserider.com
  • Horse Spurs – americanequus.com
  • History of Spurs – royalspurs.com

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